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Premium quality large sized Cowhide Rugs and African Gameskins Online in Australia


We offer premium quality Cowhide Rugs in Australia with delivery worldwide, the Best Value Cowhide Rugs Online, hundreds in stock. Money Back Guarantee from an Australian Owned Company.

With designers and architects collaborating and using the finest high grade hides, we bring to you our 2016 Collection. Our hides are Hypoallergenic and they are tumbled in the drums longer than most to give them the suppleness to lay flat on the floor with no bubbles or ripples.

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Patchwork Cowhide Rugs

Styled for the contemporary look by architects and made by leather artisans, our cowhide rugs are made with 100% natural product. They are geometric in their design to stand out from the crowd. We start with the best selection cowhides from the South America. Each Patchwork Cowhide Rug is hand crafted to the scale of the pattern and sewn with a high abrasive resistant cotton thread. The rugs are finished with a zigzag stitching or blind stitching detail. All cowhides are natural, with a backing stitched and glued to enable great wearing and a level surface. The reverse side of the rug is cotton material that absorbs moisture if laying on damp floors. The characteristics of cowhide combined with our quality makes these Cowhide Patchwork rugs naturally stain repellant and extremely durable.

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Natural Cowhides

Originating from the world-renowned Pampas Grasslands of Brazil, our cowhides are individually selected for their superior quality, shine and softness. The Natural Cowhide rugs are not dyed as we only use the natural coloring of cowhide. These premium cowhides are hand finished for the perfect look. Naturally stain resistant, these rugs are very durable and easy to maintain. Collection: White Cowhide, Grey Cowhide, Salt & Pepper Cowhide, Brown Cowhide, Black and White Cowhide, Brown and White Cowhide, Beige Cowhide, Black Cowhide, Dark Exotic Cowhide, Exotic Cowhide, Light Exotic Cowhide, Tricolor Cowhide, Tricolor with White Belly Cowhide, Hereford Cowhide and Coffee Cowhide.


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Calf Rugs

There is nothing we like more than the softness of a Calf Rug on our feet. These can also be used in the manufacturing of cushions, handbags and shoes. These premium Calf Rugs are life enhancing items that are made with natural hides. In conjunction with the 100% Natural Cowhides, our backing is a Natural Leather that will protect and sustain the longevity of your rug. Each rug is an individual item so requesting a photograph to select you Rugs is the best method for you to choose.

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African Gameskins

Create a stunning accent to your decor with one of these African animal skins. Any of these hides may be used as rugs, throws, or wall hangings. You can also use these hides for upholstery, pillows, or any number of other things! Add an exciting flare to your home decor with real zebra skin rugs. We have quality rugs carefully selected from Africa and shipped to your home. Get your zebra, Gemsbok, Kudu, Impala, Springbok or Wildebeest rugs while they are available!


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